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Content Architect


“Those who design and build, merging creativity, with a strategy, to produce materials online and offline to convey a message and or trigger an emotional response.”


The Content Architects is located in London, England.  Created with the mission to help businesses of all sizes, and marketers produce smart and creative content – which works.

The Content Architects is founded by Hena, and supported by a host of amazing ‘Architects’  across various fields, from copywriters to designers.  Collectively forming ‘The Content Architects’.

Meet Hena

Creating smart and creative content can be tricky, but once done well can be amazing for your business.  Hena’s experience lies within communications sector, specialising in public relations and helping clients to communicate their messages effectively.  
Serious about good content, she started The Content Architects, to help businesses create impactful content to promote their business with greater ease. 
When working with clients and at agencies, many hours were spent on collating dates to help with content and media strategy, leaving little time for creativity.  But, even more painful, was missed opportunities, the type you could plan for in advance and win big during the year. There had to be an easier way.  It was on that realisation, Hena decided to start The Content Architects and launched the Key Dates Calendar.  


#1 Scratch your own itch.

We create products and services to solve our own problems. We have done the research, the quality check, and trends analysis so you don’t have to.  We create the product we want to buy.

#2  Sharing is caring.

We learn together.  We share useful insights and information to help your business, keeping you in the know.  

#3 Jargon-free.

We try and keep things clear and easy.  However when we are in the depths of our passion we can get carried away.  Be sure to tell us. 

#4 Creativity is intelligence having fun.

To quote the genius that is Albert Einstein.  The Key Dates Calendar is a chance to show off your smarts and creativity to your audience.

#5 Growth mindset.

Embrace all that comes with growth, and take it head on.  We are an evolving platform, with the objective of becoming the best tool for content planners.

#6 Professionalism.

We would like to be seen as approachable but always professional. 

#7 Curious.

Ask the right questions, explore emerging trends and challenge the norms to uncover business opportunities. 



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