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£11.25 p/m
For those working on a short term project targeting the UK and want to see the benefits the calendar can bring to their business.
✔ This month and the next 3 months (PDF)
✔ Blank monthly templates for notes
✔ Monthly emails with upcoming key dates and tips
Annual Plus
£12.41 p/m (limited availability)
Ideal option for businesses new to marketing and Social Media, and would benefit from guidance, or want to make sure they maximise the Key Dates Calendar.
✔ Jun-18 to May-19 Key Dates Calendar (PDF)
✔ Blank monthly templates for notes
✔ Calendars in 3-month batches by email every quarter
✔ Monthly emails with upcoming key dates and tips
✔ 30 min call covering how to use the Calendar and brainstorm session on promoting your business using key dates

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  • "We doubled our engagement!"

    The Calendar helps us know what our countries in different markets are thinking about.  Using this intelligence we create campaigns which they care about.  Turns out people want to listen if you have something worth saying!"

    Marketing Manager
    Maynard Leigh


  • That’s great. The Calendar will give you a head start on planning your content. The first thing you need to do is decide which social media platforms work for your business and familiarise yourself with them. Next up, is deciding what you want to communicate. The Calendar will be a big help in planning some of your future social media posts and inspiring ideas to promote your brand.
  • Brilliant, you are clearly on to something.  The purpose of the Calendar is to do the heavy lifting for you and boost your knowledge.  It saves you time and gives you breathing space to react to real-time opportunities.  Hopefully, the Calendar will compliment your existing strategy.
  • Unfortunately no. This is because our product is the information which we share. We have done our best to communicate everything that is included. But if you are unsure, you can get in touch with the team and we can offer a demo or walkthrough of the product. We want you to purchase with confidence.
  • These calendars have been designed to help businesses, charities, media, and experts. They feature awareness days but also social media holidays, important anniversaries, well known religious holidays and popular global events. They have been created to save you time, and we think could benefit businesses. We have also taken the decision not to include many dates which we think have little leverage.
  • Not at all. The Calendar is great for those in the UK as it features some local awareness days and events. On the platform, you can, however, filter dates and the majority are global!  We have clients with a primary audience in France and another with an audience in India currently using the Calendar. But if in doubt, just get in touch and we can chat through your requirements.
  • Whilst it is helpful for social media content creation, a lot of our clients use the Calendar to keep track of what is happening throughout the year.  It provides them with insight on what is happening and activities taking place which will influence their customer’s behaviour. The answer is not at all!
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the dates are correct. They have been checked, and checked, and checked again. However, we recommend that you also check any dates you would like to feature.
  • On the platform, you can filter dates by sectors.  However, we have noticed some of the best opportunities are not always those directly linked to your industry.  Going outside your sector helps you standout. We are looking at bringing in more bespoke options. If you have a specific request please get in touch.
  • Yes, of course, please email us with details so we can take a look. Then if it fits, we will send you a template to complete.

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