1. What if I’m new to Social Media?

That’s great.  The Calendar will give you a head start on planning your content. The first thing you need to do is decide which social media platforms work for your business and familiarise yourself with them.  Next up, is deciding what you want to communicate.  The Calendar will be a big help in planning some of your future social media posts and thinking of ideas to help promote your business. 

2. What if I already have thousands of followers and a strategy?

Brilliant, you are clearly on to something.  The purpose of the Calendar is to help keep you on top, so you can take advantage of opportunities to boost business easily.  It saves you time and gives you breathing space to react to real-time opportunities.  Hopefully, the Calendar will compliment your existing strategy.

3. Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Unfortunately no.  We have done our best to communicate everything that is included. But if you are unsure, you can try the sprint programme to see if the Calendar works for you, or just drop us an email with any questions.

4. How long do the programmes last for?

If you sign up to the sprint programme, then 3 months starting from the date listed on the website. Otherwise, the programmes run for 12 months from the dates listed on the site. We know not everyone starts looking at their strategy in January, which is why you can get started at any time in the year.

5. What format is the Calendar delivered in?

The month to month calendars arrive via email in pdf format (size A4). Simply print, the start selecting which dates work best for your business.

6. There are a lot of websites dedicated to Awareness Days online, what is different about these Calendars? 

These calendars have been designed to help businesses, charities, organisations, bloggers and entrepreneurs. They feature awareness days but also social media holidays, important anniversaries, well known religious holidays and popular global events.  They have been created to save you time, whilst keeping you in the know of what topics will be discussed and when. We have trawled through websites, used our tools and expertise in PR and social media to select dates which could help businesses in the UK and globally. We have also left off the dates which don’t get much attraction, so you don’t waste your time. In addition, each month we send you an email highlighting key dates for the next month along with ideas. 

7. Do you need to be UK based for this calendar?

Not at all. The Calendar is great for those in the UK as it features some local awareness days and events. These dates are clearly marked, the remainder are global!  We have a business with an audience in France and another with an audience in India currently using the Calendar. But if in doubt just email us. 

8. I am not on social media, so will this be helpful?

The Key Dates Calendar is useful for businesses looking to engage with their audience. The Calendar can help inspire ideas for blog posts and newsletters. It also highlights topics which are popular at specific times of the year, meaning they are more likely to be covered in the media. This can indicate when to pitch something to media and when not to.  If you are looking to up PR or creating content then they will most likely be relevent.

9. Are all the dates correct?

Every effort has been made to ensure the dates are correct.  They have been checked, and checked, and checked again.  However, we recommend that you also check any dates you would like to feature.

10. Why are the Calendars only available in 3-month batches? 

For annual programmes, the Calendars arrive 3 months head (starting from the first month) in batches of 3.  The reason for this is ‘planning’.  Things change throughout the year, this gives us the opportunity to get dates and events into place for you, as best for you as we can.  3 to 6 months gives plenty of time for planning ahead.  However, if you are developing campaigns further in advance please drop us an email and we will see if we can help.

11. Are there any additional items I receive?

Glad you asked! By joining the annual programmes, along with the Calendar you will receive an overview of how to use the Calendar as well as tips and guidance on leveraging key dates.  Along with a couple of other freebies!  Watch this space.

12. For the Annual Plus Option when can I have my call

We will send you a document listing some of the things we suggest you do before we speak on the phone.  You will also be sent a short brief to complete so we can look into your sector prior to the call.  This way we can get the most out of our brainstorm session on the phone.  After we will schedule in a follow-up to see how it worked, what can be improved, and possible opportunities coming up.  

13. I need industry-specific calendars, can you help?

The programmes at the moment feature a mix of dates.  This is because some of the best opportunities are not always those directly linked to our sector.  We wanted to give you choice.  If you have a specific request please get in touch as we will be looking to offer this later.

14.  I have an idea for The Content Architects

Great, we are an evolving platform and want to make this work for businesses big and small.  We would love to hear your idea.

15. Can I submit a date?

Yes, of course, please email us with details!

We know this product is going to help a lot of businesses and want to make it the best.  If your questions weren’t answered in the above, or you just want to say hello please email

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